Music is such an incredible form of Human expression. I want to become good enough to start a 21st Century Weather Report. An 8-10 piece group would be ideal. With MCs rapping about the Beautiful future we all want, some Horns and Percussion. It’d be ideal to have representatives from the Catholic, Jewish, and Nation-of-Islam Faiths. And of course, we will never discriminate against our stringent, pragmatic, scientific Aethiests. I chant everyday for this band. I know you’re out there…can’t wait to get together!!

Buddhadoody Productions is for producing other artists who like my style. SAUCE is the loose-conglomerate I’d like to play my “ideal” stuff with and could involve anybody/everybody. It’s my dream-project where the emphasis is less on a leader and more on all participants being equal contributors. Since I believe in Karma and intend to use my abilities to help alleviate suffering; I describe it as: “Socially-Responsible Astro-Cuban Swamp Funk”.  And am eager to collaborate with others in Renewable Energy, Anti-Violence, & any/all socially-progressive efforts. I’ll play studio Bass, movie-soundtracks, commercials, collaborate with other artists…..I’m open to anything. My immediate goal is to actually practice at least 4 hours a day (working the Bass & Voice). But I have to start generating income with Music in order to be able to devote the time to it.

You can contact us through the Contact Page. Thanks & hope you enjoy the music!!