sauce album appreciation john eddy

Drums: BJ Robertson
Bass, Voice, Piano, & Synthesizers: John Eddy

This session is dedicated to the art of appreciation.


This was recorded like “Dedication”: BJ on Drums, me doing Bass, Voice, (and to try and make it more interesting, Piano). Then I went back & over-dubbed the Amazing Keyboards (Thanks Apple!!). No looper for the Bass and 97% of it is “live” with only some minor edits. We call it “Appreciation” because we we’re exhausted, it was roasting in the house, the energy fluctuation is consequently more dramatic (higher highs and lower lows); and since I’ve started practicing Buddhism I’ve learned that no matter how hard you try sometimes things just don’t go as optimally as you’d ideally intend for them to. That doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the struggle and more importantly, benefit others. It came out really well and is definitely one of my favorites! Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you like it!!

Thank You’s

Special Thanks to Matthew for help with recording!! Recorded @ Our Home in Tacoma, WA . Mastered by Igor Sonin of Hotline Mastering Inc. in New York, NY

Special Thanks to Bryan Bell!! Special Thanks to Warwick Bass, D’Addario strings, Monster & Mogami Cables, Hartke amps, Peavey Speakers, electro-harmonix & Digitech pedals, Steinway & Sons Piano, Alesis, Ludwig, REMO, Paiste, Sonor, Bluebird & Shure mics, Apple, M-AUDIO, and Sony & Mitsubishi stereos!!

Special Thanks to Brenda Adamson at “Damson Creative” for all the Web, Graphic, & Album Design!!

Immense Gratitude to All my Family, SGI members, and all Individuals & Entities working for these Humanitarian Transformational Goals!! Without You this would not have been possible. Thank You!! I Love You!!

Deep appreciation for this struggle, those who came before us, and the Protective Forces who fight for Peace, Security, and Our Quality of Life now…………….

Immense gratitude to:  NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration, for the stunning Galactic imagery we’re so fortunate to be able to use for this Album Art!!  (Used under Creative Commons license.) You can find it at: